Sum up : Betalin Therapeutics, “ most promising startup in Israel in 2017” won the much coveted second prize of the Xi'an International Entrepreneurship Competition in China among hundreds different startups, all promoting cutting edge innovative technologies.

Xi'an International Entrepreneurship Competition (abbreviated as “XIEC”) aims to build an international innovation and entrepreneurship platform for cooperation and communication through international competitions. Besides, the competition is committed to attract investment and accelerate domestic and foreign advanced technical achievements landing in Xi'an by gathering resources and attracting domestic and international high-end innovation and entrepreneurship talents, teams, projects and financial investment institutions. The competition started in Israel, where Betalin Therapeutics won the first prize and was selected to continue the run in China. Over there, Betalin Therapeutics won the much coveted second prize of this international innovative competition. Among hundreds different startups, all promoting cutting edge innovative technologies, Betalin Therapeutics, represented by Shay Hershcovich, was chosen as the most promising startup in Israel in 2017. Not only did the startup raised a significant amount, they also now spread awareness in China and Israel, have more investors and contacts to pursue their future Shay Hershcovich, is the director at Betalin Therapeutics. He is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in business development, business strategies and marketing management. With his passion commitment, and human resource approach, Shay has lead the company to accomplish their goals. He led Betalin Therapeutics during this competition successfully. Mr Pinhas Posailov, our trusted president, was very happy to learn about our great success in both China and Israel, and the whole Betalin therapeutics team is more than delighted to share this news that reflect our hard and persistent work. During our stay in China, Shay Hershcovich, director of Betalin Therapeutics was interviewed by several journalist to talk about and explain the Betalin vision. The Nano-Textile team is grateful for such deep enthusiasm and look forward to our joint future with China.

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