Production path to EMPr product for Diabetes R&D

What is EMPr?

 EMPr consists of a micro-organ matrix (MOM) and pancreatic islet cells. It will be marketed as a platform for the acceleration and cost reduction of diabetes drug research and development.

 EMPr will be marketed to pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and research institutes and will generate short-term revenues. This product emphasizes the advantages of our tech in that it provides long-term viability ex vivo, allowing the use of fewer islets and better plan out experiments.

 It can be used for purposes such as diabetes drug screening.

 The product has a fast track to the market and will be launched soon.

Major milestones so far:

 -Collaboration with USA based human Islet supplier and distributor for the R&D

pharma industry

 -Collaboration with 2 major European Islet isolation and transplantation centers

Indeed, EMPs prepared in our lab with human islets secrete higher levels of insulin than “naked” islets in a glucose- regulated manner.Moreover, EMPs continue to secrete quantities of insulin similar to freshly isolated human islets (day 0) in a glucose- regulated manner for more than three months, while “naked” islets survive less than 7 days with constantly decreasing functionality.

Following promising pre-clinical animal studies, we report reversal of diabetes in mice by subcutaneous transplantation of EMPs with a human islet dose as low as 500 IEQ.