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Jerusalem Bio Park (JBP) Minrav Bldg, 1st Floor Hadassah Ein Keren Campus Jerusalem, Israel

Betalin therapeutics is the developer of a regenerative cure for insulin dependent diabetes- an Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP) that will provide long term blood glucose regulation to millions of diabetic patients around the globe.

The EMP technology originates from the laboratory of Prof. Eduardo Mitrani from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. The EMP is composed of a Micro-Organ Matrix (MOM) – decellularized porcine lung-derived 3D micro-scaffold and insulin producing b-cells. MOM mimics the complex natural tissue micro-environment structure, creating an acellular organ-derived micro-scaffold that provides suitable stromal support for the long-term persistence and functionality of b-cells that will be implanted subcutaneously to accurately regulate blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.